Click Add or select the congregation from the Edit menu on the Congregations Database menu.

Congregations Database — Add

This menu can also be found on the Weekend Meeting Editor window.

You can also use the hotkey CTRL + SHIFT + W.

Congregation windowNotes and Memo InformationCongregation LInkLocation MapLast InvitedTalk CoordinatorLocalCongregationOptionsManage SpeakersApplyResetOKCancelMeeting day and times

This window allows you to add / edit Congregations in the database.

Notes IconYou need to supply the name of the congregation as a minimum for it to be added to the database.

Notes IconTo learn more about the features of this window, glance down the table below or highlight the control you are interested in by clicking on the screenshot above.


Enter the name for the Congregation here.


Set this option if the selected congregation is your local congregation. Note that there can be only one local congregation.

Notes IconIt is important to set this option correctly as it is used to populate the list of Away Speakers on the Weekend Meeting Editor window.

Talk Coordinator

Enter the name of the Public Talk Coordinator here.

Meeting Day and Time

Use the drop-down lists to choose which days of the week the meetings are held on for the congregation and the start times. You can use the spin buttons to alter the hours and minutes or you can enter the values manually. The time is expressed in 24 hour format.

Note IconWeekend Meeting: Use the Time Changes Manager if the congregation does not always meet at the same time. The weekend meeting time control will be disabled if you decide to use the Time Changes Manager.

Last Invited

This shows when you last had a speaker from this congregation give a talk in your Kingdom Hall. You can change this date by pressing the arrow or by clicking on the separate parts of the date in the edit box and use the arrow keys to adjust the date.

This date will be automatically updated whenever you have an exchange with the congregation. Please make sure that you update the Assignment History when saving your Meeting Editor schedules 

Location Map

This allows you to select an image (BMP, GIF, JPG|JPG, PNG, TIF|TIFF) for use in your reports. Only the location of the image is stored and not the actual image itself.

Congregation Link

You can associate a hyperlink with each congregation. Select Add Hyperlink from the context menu. It displays the Hyperlinks window. Click on the link for more details.

Notes IconYou can click on the link to navigate to that location and the current link is shown in a tooltip. If no link has been set the tooltip will display "Congregation Link".

Notes and Memo Information

You may optionally use the note and memo fields to include any additional information about the:

  • Congregation
  • Talk Coordinator

Note IconThe descriptive labels used for the notes / memos might be different on your version of this window. You can change them in the Options.

Manage Speakers

Manage SpeakersUse the Manage Speakers menu button to add, edit or remove public talk speakers from the database.

It is also possible to move a speaker from one congregation to another in the database. It displays the Choose Congregation window with which you simply select the target congregation. All the speaker's talk numbers will get moved automatically.

You will not be permitted to duplicate an existing speakers name in the target congregation.

Notes IconThis will be disabled if you have made changes to the congregation information. You will need to click Apply when this happens.


Displays the Options window where you can customize various settings.


Click Reset to undo all changes made since the last save.


Click Apply to save your changes to the database. You will need to do this before you can add / edit the speaker information.

Notes IconClick the drop-down arrow and select Apply & Add to automatically save the changes and begin adding another congregation.


Closes the window and prompts you to saves your changes to the database (if required).


Closes the window without saving anything to the database (but you will be prompted if you have unsaved changes).