Overview of the Meeting Editor File menu:

File MenuDownload Schedule InformationMeeting Workbook TransferImport from History DatabaseWeekend MeetingReferenced SchedulesSave | Save As FilePrint PreviewUpdate Google / Outlook calendarExportPreview in Browser

Note IconLearn more about the File menu by looking through the rest of this help topic. Or, as an alternative, click on the menu item you are interested in on the screenshot above.

Let’s explore its essential features:

Download Schedule Information

Many of the languages have support for downloading monthly schedule information. This information is provided by willing volunteers.

It will display English if your language is not yet supported. If this happens in your case and you would like to become a willing volunteer then please contact me to see what is involved.

You are presented with the following options when you use this feature:

Download Schedule Info Options

The last option will download the data for the selected week and all the remaining weeks that are on the schedule. This setting is useful if you have changed the Date Range and want to download the missing information.

Note IconUse the Check for Latest Schedule information feature to find out if the schedule you are trying to prepare is available.

Note about Upgrading

Changes are made to the format of the monthly data XML data file from time to time. So the software will check to see if you have the minimum support version. You will see this message if you are using an older version of the software:

Note about need to upgrade

Note IconIf this message is displayed, then you will not be able to use this feature, until you upgrade the software as instructed.

Meeting Workbook Transfer

The Life and Ministry Meeting Overseer is responsible for making the assignments for the Midweek Meeting. This also includes the Student assignments. But brothers (maybe the Coordinator of the Body of Elders) might have oversight for the Weekend Meeting and/or Audio-Visual Team. The Meeting Workbook Transfer tool has been designed to make transferring the relevant information between each other as simple as possible.

Import from History Database

This allows you to automatically fill-in selected assignments on your schedule from the Assignment Editor / Meeting Editor history database. Displays the Import from Database History window to let you customise the import process.

Weekend Meeting

It is possible to include the weekend meeting information on the schedule. A window is displayed where this can be entered manually. Some of the information can be imported from your Public Talks database (if you are using the software). You have to press the menu item for each week on the schedule.

Several templates (e.g. Workbook-S-140-PublicTalk-WatchtowerStudy-ServiceTalk) have been provided that includes the public talk information on the schedule. But you would have to set the page break to every week.

Weekend Meeting Sample

You are free to extend it and / or customize your own schedule.

Reference Schedule / Close Referenced Schedule

Please read the associated help topic about swapping assignments and using referenced schedules for more information:


You can export the schedule in several different formats. Find out more in the Exporting Schedules help topic.

Save / Save As File...

These allow you to save the current schedule to your computer so that you can open it up again later on. During the save you will be prompted to do two things:

  1. Update assignment history
  2. Update Google / Outlook calendar (you must set up the calendar credentials if required)
    This pop-up window is only displayed if your calendar synchronization mode is set to Prompt. Click this link to find out more about the pop-up window.

Click Yes to these questions if all assignments have been made/adjusted.

Preview in Browser

This will display a list of installed Internet Browsers. At the moment the following are supported:

  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera

Note IconEach browser might handle the page break syntax differently. So you might have to make a customized XSL template to work with your specific browser. Please contact me if you need help.


Displays the Print window with a preview. Find out more in the Printing Schedules help topic.

Note IconPrinting should not be done from the Editor view.

Update Google / Outlook Calendar

This is provided for convenience. Update your calendar on demand, otherwise, wait until you save the MWB file and do it then.

The following pop-up window is displayed if:

  1. You clicked on Update Google calendar
  2. You clicked on Update Outlook calendar
  3. You are saving the MWB file and you are using the Prompt synchronization mode:

Update Calendar

There are two ways to update the calendar:

  • All Weeks
    Choose this option if you would like to synchronize all of the weeks in the Editor to your calendar.
  • Selected Weeks
    Choose this option if you would like to select which weeks to synchronize. This is useful when you have edited an existing schedule and only made some minor changes to a couple of the weeks.

Click Yes to update the calendars.