Swapping Assignments

It is possible to swap assignments on the schedule. Click the hamburger icon that is next to the assignment you want to swap to display a pop-up menu:

Swap Assignments Menu

Please note that you cannot use this feature for the following:

  • Bible Reader
  • Students
  • Student Assistants

Note IconSee the help topic Swapping Assignments for information about swapping assignments on the Weekend Meeting.

It is possible to swap between different types of assignment if you need to. Either-way, when you perform a swap a pop-up window is displayed for you to confirm:

Swap Assignments Confirmation

What if you need to swap with an assignment on another schedule? Please read on!

Referenced Schedules

You do this by referencing in another schedule into the Editor.

File Menu - Reference Schedule

When you have made the needed changes to the referenced schedule you should close it. This will show you a file selection window for you to save the schedule. It will also offer to update the history and calendars as usual. Then it unloads the schedule from the editor.

Swapping Assignments with a Referenced Schedule

It is possible to swap assignments with a loaded reference schedule. The process is exactly the same:

Swap Assignments menu - Referenced

You will see that all referenced assignments are indicated with a symbol.