Swapping Assignments

It is possible to swap assignments on the Weekend Meeting on the schedule. Click the hamburger icon that is next to the assignment you want to swap to display a pop-up menu:

Swap Assignments Menu

Please note that you cannot use this feature for the following:

  • Hospitality
  • Interpreter
  • Miscellaneous

Note IconContact me if you would like to include any of the above assignments on the context menu.

It is possible to swap between different types of assignment if you need to. Either way, when you perform the swap, a pop-up window is displayed for you to confirm:

Swap Assignments Confirmation

Moving / Swapping Public Talk Assignments

It is also possible to move (or swap) public talk assignments and this is also done by clicking on using the hamburger icon:

  • Home Talk: Click the hamburger icon to the right of the speaker to display the context menu.

Move / Swap Home Talk context menu

  • Away Talk: Click the hamburger icon on the far right of the away talk you want to move/swap to display the context menu.

Move / Swap Away Talk context menu

Moving Assignments

Select the date of the meeting that you would like to move the talk to.

Notes IconThe dates listed are determined from the Congregation database meeting day. The total number of dates will match the list of dates in the Meeting Editor. Use the Reference Schedule feature if you need to move/swap with additional meeting dates.

You are then asked to confirm your actions and given the opportunity to override the meeting time (if required).

Move Assignment

Swapping Assignments

Select the public talk assignment that you want to swap with. You are then asked to confirm your actions.

Swap Assignment

The Cancel button will change into a Close button when your have moved/swapped one or more assignments.