If you have the responsibility of preparing the Christian Life and Ministry schedule, and want to be a volunteer for one of the other languages, then you may find that you won't need to take any more time than usual since you were typing the details in anyway.

Note IconVolunteers need to be in a position to allocate the time to provide the needed details on a monthly basis without impacting on other secular, family and theocratic commitments.

As a volunteer, what kind of things are you required to do?

  • Step one: Receive your workbook in the chosen language (paper or digital).
  • Step two: Enter the generic schedule details into the editor
    • song numbers (and if applicable, the closing song custom text)
    • themes
    • methods
    • weekly bible reading
    • student material / references / study points
    • student settings
    • first week of month setting
    • congregation bible study material
    • number of minutes
    • Watchtower study themes
  • Step three: Validate that the entered data is correct (the author of Meeting Schedule Assistant is not able to do this!).
  • Step four: Update the active schedule detail file by pressing F7 (or CTRL + F7) whilst in the editor.
  • Step five: Zip up the file and forward via email to the author of Meeting Schedule Assistant for uploading to the web space for others to be able to use.

Note IconThere is now a facility in place where you can get the application to automatically zip up the file and email it on your behalf. Use CTRL+F7 to display a detailed progress log of the email process.

Only volunteers should use the F7 function. Anyone else doing so is likely to cause loss of data to the application data files.