(Continues on from the "TextAttribs" script - requires you to follow the previous section first)

The following commands are used in this module:

Tutorial 2 - Module 7 - Preview / ScriptDo the following:

  • Insert a COLOUR command (Change Font) to get you back to black.
  • Insert a TEXT command to put "Hello, " (no quotes).
  • Do not insert an EOL yet.

When you went to pick the colour, you no doubt recognised something else, the font name, hopefully Arial.

  • Insert a new Change Font.
  • Change the font to Courier (or Courier New).
  • Click Insert to get the FONT command into the script.
  • Insert a TEXT command saying "Courier " (no quotes).
  • Insert another FONT command to put you back to whatever you started at (Arial will be fine if you can't remember),
  • Insert a third TEXT command saying "World!".
  • Finally insert an EOL.

It should now render.

What you expected? You should see the phrase "Hello, Courier World!", but with the word Courier actually in the Courier font (the rest should be in Arial). You can mix and match font name changes just like you can mix colour changes.

Like it?

  • Go ahead and repeat the sentence, this time changing the font size as well as its name. You probably wouldn't mix font sizes on the same line, but you can if you want.
  • Try one more sentence, this time changing to italic or underline (or both, if the fancy takes you) in the font change.

Now, please:

  • Click Save Script
  • Optionally click Close Script

Then when you are ready continue with module 8.