Overview of the Home ribbon panel:

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The HOME ribbon panel is the default and is always displayed automatically when you begin Public Talks. It is a combination of some of the most used features of the application in a single location.

Note IconPlease let me know if you think there are other features that should be included on this panel.

Database Operations Pane

This is where you can add, modify and delete congregations from the database. This includes each congregations speakers and their talk outline numbers.

From this maintenance tab you can also sync a congregation with another Talk Coordinator who also uses Public Talks.

This is where you can add, modify and delete your actual talk arrangements. This is for both home (local) and away (outgoing) assignments.

You can also sync your assignments with your Google Calendar from here.

Report Operations Pane

This is where you can create your reports and then either print them out or export them to Microsoft Word. There are several types of report that you can create (including custom ones). Read the help topic for more information.

It is understandable that you will want to create your own type of reports. For example, you might want to present the information in a different way or you might need to combine information from several reports into one. The list is endless.

Other Operations Pane

The Journal property page allows you to create, maintain and manage free-format notes which are time-stamped. These notes can optionally be related to a congregation.

These journal entries can also be displayed as tool tips on the Home Away maintenance page.

This displays the Quick Start - Getting Started help topic. Use this if you are in a hurry to get setup and start using the software.


These clipboard facility is only available when you have a document display.

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