At the moment we have provided three tutorials:

The first tutorial will help you get used to how to get around in the Custom Script Editor and begin writing scripts.

Please read the topic through completely before going on to the How to Write Scripts tutorial. It is important you understand this basic functionality of the Custom Script Editor.

The second tutorial takes you step by step through various aspects of scripting. They must be followed in sequence in order to build on the knowledge gained in the previous step. So please don't skip a section.

The third and final tutorial is for those who have mastered the basics of writing a script. This tutorial explains in detail about things like using variables to achieve more flexible scripts.

If you have not mastered basic scripting yet, you are advised to read How to Write Scripts first. Otherwise, this will make no sense whatsoever.

Note IconDo you see a need for an additional tutorial? Then please see the Contact Information and get in touch. We will see if we can assist!