(Starts from the new "TextAttribs" script)

The following commands are used in this module:

Before entering our next piece of text, let us explore something new: colour.

Tutorial 2 - Module 5 - PreviewThe colour text is written in is considered a font option.

  • Click Change Font (a pop-up window is displayed).
  • Choose Light Red for the option labelled Colour.
  • Click Insert.

Nothing rendered so far, right? Phew!

Now insert a TEXT command and EOL as we've learned above, using "Hello, RED World!" as the text (insert it in a single TEXT block for now).

If you have got your EOL in correctly, you should now see your glorious text in light red (colour-blind users may wish to choose a substitute colour and imagine it's red, since people don't usually blush cyan!).

Is that cool or what?

Not impressed, huh?

Now, please:

  • Click Save Script
  • Optionally click Close Script

Then when you are ready, open the "TextAttribs" script and continue with module 6.