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Week of Meeting

Use the dropdown list to select each meeting for the current schedule. The dates are automatically worked out from the start / end weeks that you specified for you displayed the editor. Use the left/right arrows to quickly move from one meeting to the next.

Week of meeting


Clicking the padlock symbol locks the editor for the selected week. This prevents you from accidentally making any changes to the assignments. Click it again to unlock. The state of the padlock is saved with the MWB data file for each week.

Bible reading for the week

The bible reading for the week should be automatically filled in when you download the schedule information. It is specified in your meeting workbook.

Bible reading for week

Special Events

Clicking the calendar button displays this pop-up menu:

Special events context menu

  • Set Special Event
    Displays the Special Event window where you can set things as required.
  • Remove Special Event
    Removes the special event from the application and reverts things back to a normal meeting.
  • Edit Videoconferencing Info
    Displays the Videoconferencing Info window where you can amend the information as required.
  • Edit Bethel Speaker Service Talk Info
    Displays the Bethel Speaker Service Talk Info window where you can amend the information as required.
  • Edit Memorial Info
    Displays the Memorial Info window where you can amend the information as required.

Notes IconSpecial events are indicated with a small alarm symbol.

Start Time

The Start Time is determined automatically from the Congregation Database. It is specified in 24 hour format. All the timings are calculated from this time.

Start Time


Use the dropdown list to select a predefined note or type in your own text. You can use the Customize Lists feature to add your own default notes into the dropdown list. The note field is automatically filled in when the meeting date is associated with a special event.


Notes IconThe notes control is not very wide when the editor is at the minimum size. Consider maximizing the editor so you can see more of the note! The dropdown list will still show the full wording either way.