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Treasures Items

There are two Treasures' items each week. The first is usually a talk. The exception is when a new Bible Book is being discussed in which case the Introductory Video is watched. The second item is always questions and answers. The times are fixed to 10 and 8 respectively.

Treasures From God's Word items

Use the dropdown lists to specify who is going to handle each item.

Notes IconYou can type in a different name if you need to, or you can use the assignment history feature to make your selection.

Checked AssignmentsYou need to use the Publishers Database to specify who can be given these assignments. You will need to tick the following assignment for them to show in dropdown lists:

  • Midweek Meeting

Review Question

Review QuestionPress the question mark button to add / edit the assigned review question for the meeting. Click the link to learn more about how to use review questions.

Bible Reading Student

Select Bible Reading StudentClicking the students symbol will display the Student Selector window. Click the link to learn about how to get the most out of this pop-up window.

Study Number

The study number can't be changed for Bible Reading items on this window. It can be adjusted on the Student Material window.

Aux. Class

Each meeting can cater for one or two additional classrooms. Set each check box as required. Then you can select the students for the additional Bible Reading assignments.