Beginning with version 19.0.8 Meeting Schedule Assistant introduced the Foreign-Language Group mode. This feature has been provided for those congregations who sponsor a foreign-language group. More and more congregations are doing so these days!


It is possible to manage the preparation of schedules and S-89 Assignment Slips for both the Congregation and the Foreign-Language Group using the same Publishers Database.

Look for the Assigned To section when you are adding or editing publisher information. Here you can assign each publisher the Congregation and / or the Foreign Language Group.

You will also find a handy Display Filter on this window so that you can limit the publishers presented in the list.

Meeting Editor

You can create new schedules once you have made the required refinements to the Publishers Database.

Note IconIt is recommended that you set the correct mode as soon as you begin your new schedule editing session. You can look at the status bar to see what the active mode is and if it needs to be changed.

The mode (Foreign-Language Group) can be changed on the main application window.

The following changes are made to the Editor:

  • S-89 Assignment Slips are displayed in the chosen language (if templates are installed).
  • Song titles, methods and themes are displayed in the chosen language.
  • The list of publishers is changed to those assigned to the group (or congregation).

Note IconSo if you can't see a name in the drop-down list or the Student Selector window it will be because he has not been correctly assigned to the group (or congregation).

  • Assignment History is re-displayed using the correct history database.

Note IconThere are two assignment history databases. One for the Congregation and one for the Foreign-Language Group mode.

  • The active calendars used for synchronization are changed (see below).

Now that you are in the correct mode you can start working with the Meeting Editor. In many cases the first thing you will do is download the schedule information by using F6. It will be downloaded for the active language (subject to there being a monthly volunteer providing the data in the language).

Foreign-Language Group Status Bar PaneDid you know that you can display the current setting as a tooltip when you hover the mouse over the foreign-language group status bar pane?

Calendar Options

You are not permitted to synchronize your schedule for both the congregation and the foreign-language group to the same calendar on Google or Outlook. One set of events would overwrite the other set of events.

Therefore you use use a different calendar for each. It is easy to change the calendar from with the editor from the Options menu.

Note IconThe location is also also different for both the congregation and the foreign-language group.

Schedule Display

Each congregation is going to have it's own way of sponsoring a foreign-language group. Some have a full meeting every other week and a Congregation Bible Study during the other weeks. As a result it is not practical to supply a standard template script with the application.

With small adjustments to one of the existing S-140 templates you will be able to prepare a modified schedule that meets your needs.

Note IconThere are some live examples on website that you might like to download and try. If there scenario fits yours then it is worth having a look. You can always reach out to us for help and we will assist as our circumstances permit.