Adjust the way the Auto Assign tool works by selecting Settings on the Auto Assign menu.

Auto Assign Settings menu item

Midweek Editor - Auto Assign Settings windowAuto AssignAvoid ConflictsAdjust auto assign orderResetSelect starting namesWeeks to includeRun

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Use the various settings on this window to control how the Auto Assign tool will behave when updating your schedule.

The settings are split into two categories:

  1. Assignment Settings
  2. General Settings

Note IconUsing the Run button will save the current settings, close the window and automatically start the operation.

Assignment Settings

You can fine-tune how the system will work for each specific assignment:

Order of Priority

Use the up / down controls to change the order of priority. The auto assign tool with work it's way through the assignments in the order you specify.

Note IconConsider changing the order of priority from time to time to freshen things up.

Auto Assign

Switch this option off if you want to exclude the assignment during the auto assign operation.

Note IconAll existing assignments remain untouched if this option is not ticked.

Avoid Conflicts

Switch on this option if you would like to avoid using the same publisher multiple times during the same meeting.

Note IconFor example, a publisher who is assigned Opening Prayer / Concluding Prayer could probably be used for another responsibility during the meeting.

Note IconUse the Reset button to quickly revert to the default settings.

General Settings

  • Select Starting Names
    Switch this setting on display the Select Starting Names window at the beginning of the Auto Assign process. Click the link to find out more.
  • Weeks to include
    Choose the appropriate option to control which meeting weeks are processed.

Note IconAny week that is locked will be ignored.