Overview of the Options Menu:

Options MenuPublishers DatabaseCustom AssignmentsSettingsHeadingsSpecial EventsCalendar OptionsLanguageRemindersCongregations Database

An overview of all the Options that are available in Meeting Schedule Assistant.

Detailed information about the Congregations Database. From here you can add / edit / delete congregations and their associated speakers. This database is used when assignments Public Talks on the Weekend Meeting Editor window.

Detailed information about the Publishers Database. From here you can add / edit / delete publishers from the application. This is the place where you specify what assignments each publishers is assigned, and what their availability is.

An overview of the Custom Assignments Manager. Each custom assignment that you add has its own column and heading on your schedules. Use the Options dialogue to specify which of these custom assignments you would like to include or exclude from each schedule.

Detailed description of all the available Settings. Use them to make the application fit your requirements.

Details how to manage the default Headings used on new schedules.

An overview of the Reminders system that can be used with the Meeting Editor. These automatically show as pop-up messages.

An overview of the Special Events Manager. By keeping special events correct and up to date, they will automatically get included on new schedules. Special events will also be indicated on the main calendars by using a bold font. You can hover the mouse over the bold dates on the calendar to see the description of the special event.

Details about to set the application up to synchronize assignments with your Google or Outlook calendars. The idea is that you share this calendar with the publishers and thus have access to what their assignments are using their mobile devices.

Shows a snippet of the languages supported so far. The list is always being updated. After selecting a different language the program will automatically close down and restart.