IMAGE scale_factor% image_data
IMAGE field_data

scale_factor% specifies the size of the image. The default is 100% when this setting is missing.

image_data represents the full path spec to an image held on your computer. Images must be in BMP, GIF, JPG|JPEG, PNG or TIF|TIFF file format. The image will be aligned using the current font alignment setting.

field_data is a piece of text interpreted in exactly the same way as for a TEXT command (see the TEXT command, and the section Literal Text, Variables & Quotes). The difference is that the resulting piece of text must represent a valid field in the current database row. If it does not, a small is shown. The IMAGE command should only be used in this context inside a LOOP.


IMAGE 100% "F:\My Documents\Public Talks\HallMap.jpg"
IMAGE 100% "CURRENT.Location Map"