TEXT text_data
PARAGRAPH text_data

See the section Literal Text, Variables & Quotes for details of what text_data may be.

If you want to include speech marks in the text_data, you must use a special text identifier: &speech . This must be in lowercase. Every occurrence of &speech will get converted into a speech mark.

If you use the PARAGRAPH keyword, it will force a new line before and after the paragraph. Also, it can only be done in one font face, size and colour combination for the whole of the paragraph. It is still affected by the current alignment in effect.

Newline characters can be specified anywhere within the paragraph by using \r\n. Lastly, it will not split over the end of a page and onto the next; if it doesn't fit within the current page completely, it starts on the next page instead.


TEXT "This is some text"
TEXT "This is some text using a $variable"
TEXT "&speech"
TEXT "&speechHello!&speech"
PARAGRAPH "This is a really long paragraph of text for $variable. It will word wrap however many lines are required to show it on the page."