• Start the Meeting Editor by creating a new schedule or opening an existing one.
  • Select the Worksheet tab.
  • Select "Worksheet-S-140-Weekend Meeting" from the Styles list.

Select Wprksheet-S-140-Weekend-Meeting template

This is an example of what the Weekend Worksheet looks like when you use Print Preview in the Meeting Editor:

Weekend Sheet — Print Preview

The Weekend Meeting window was set up like this for the above worksheet to be displayed:

Weekend Meeting Editor window - Notes and Images

Preparing the Worksheet Worksheet is self-explanatory with the exception of the images.

Adding Images to the Worksheet

It is very easy to add images to the worksheet. It is as simple as dragging and dropping the images from File Explorer onto the Notes and Images pop-up window:

Weekend Meeting window — Drag and Drop Media

As mentioned on the window, you can drag and drop the following types of images onto the window:

  • BMP
  • GIF
  • PNG

Notes IconDon't worry if you select other types of files at the same time. They will be ignored.

Image Orientation

You may have noticed a difference in image orientation in the above snapshots:

Image Orientation

This happens for two related reasons:

  1. The image was taken with a digital camera and uses EXIF Orientation information in the photo.
  2. The Meeting Editor internal preview can't cater for EXIF Orientation because it uses older web browser technology under the hood (specifically Internet Explorer version 7).

But, don't worry if this happens, because you can use the Preview in Browser feature to display the worksheet in a modern browser, like Microsoft Edge, and all will be fine:

Image Orientation — Preview in Browser

Advanced Customization

Find out more about advanced customization.