FONT font_data[, font data, ...]

font_data is either:

  • The name of a typeface that must exist on your PC (for example, "Comic Sans MS").
  • A style keyword.
  • A number indicating desired size.

The size is quoted in points (1/72nd of an inch), as for programs such as Microsoft Word. Generally, 12 is about normal type size.

You can combine as many of these pieces of font data in a FONT command as you like. Any that contradict previous ones will be used in left-to-right order, so those appearing last on the line will be in effect. You must use commas to separate the pieces of data, or they will not be understood. Note that any pieces of data that cannot be understood are ignored, and parsing continues after the next comma.

A style keyword is one of the following: BOLD, NOBOLD, ITALIC, NOITALIC, ULINE, NOULINE. Note that in the same way that the font size and face remain in effect until you change them, so do styles - thus, underlining will continue until you explicitly use NOULINE to switch it off.


FONT Times New Roman, 10, BOLD