Overview of the Public Talks Menu:

Public Talks Database Menu

Let’s explore its essential features:


Displays the Public Talks Manager window where you can see a lot of information about each talk outline. For example:

  • List of dates when the talk has been assigned at your congregation.
  • List of speakers who are able to give the talk.
  • How many times the talk has been give at your congregation.

You can manage other information too, such as indicating if the talk outline is excluded. Click the link to find out more.


Updates all the Public Talk database files. It does this by automatically downloading the latest public talks installer from the website and running it.

The following information is updated for each public talk:

  • Theme
  • Outline Date
  • Media Classification

Notes IconYou need to be connected to the internet for this feature to work.

Report Viewer

This will display the Report Viewer. Select one of several reports and print or save to PDF. Other templates can be imported into the viewer, but they must begin with the term talkdb.