Click Options on the Congregations Database menu.

Options menu item

You can also click the Options button on the Congregation window.

Congregation Database Options

You can fine-tune several aspects of the Congregation Database behaviour from this window. You are presented with a property grid of settings:

  • The left column has the name of the setting.
  • The right column is where you specify the value for the setting.

These settings are grouped into two categories:

Note IconAt the very bottom is a information panel. This will provide you with a description about what the setting is. Please make use of this information panel as this help topic only provides and overview of these settings.

Text Colours

There are several locations in the application where text is displayed in a different colour. You can adjust these colours from here.

Type of Text



Use this to select the colour that you would like speakers' assigned talks to be highlighted in when assigning home and away talks. This aids you in not selecting a talk that a brother doesn't give.


Similar to above, but it indicates the speakers favourite talks instead. So if you use two different colours, you can easily see which talks a speaker prefers to give.

Ministerial Servant

Use this to select the colour that you would like speakers who are appointed as Ministerial Servant's to show as in the speaker drop-down lists when assigning home and away talks.

Use the drop-down arrow to display a choice of colours.

Text colour

Note that you can use a custom colour as well so you are not tied down to the colours available from the palette. Click on Other to use a custom colour to display a colour window:

Colours Window

Use the options and features available to choose your desired colour.


Use this window to personalize all of the various label descriptions.


This way you can customize the application to your requirements and have meaningful descriptions.

The labels fall into three categories:

  • Congregation
  • Talk Coordinator
  • Speaker

For each of these categories you can customize 5 Memo labels and a Notes label.