VisitsRota is for creating simple schedules and comes in two modes:

  • Elderly & Infirm
  • Shepherding

Elderly and Infirm Visit Mode

VisitsRota can be limited to those publishers selected by the Body of Elders for receiving visits by volunteer congregation members each week. A schedule is generated that enables easy keeping of records to suit this purpose.

Elderly & Infirm mode

Shepherd Visit Mode

The congregation is organized into Field Service Groups and each overseer has the responsibility of shepherding the families/individuals in his group. VisitsRota can provide a report for each overseer itemising the families/individuals he needs to visit for his convenience.

Shepherding mode

Notes IconVisitsRota can be used at the congregation level since it can cater for multiple Field Service Groups. However, in recent years Group Overseers have been encouraged to manage the care of their own group spiritually. As a result, many overseers simply install their own copy of VisitsRota for their personal use.


VisitsRota is to be viewed as a basic function software application only. The variables for a program of this type could be extensive and it is my intention to cater for each possibility. VisitsRota will receive ongoing attention and perhaps more functionality may be added in the future, however this is contingent on the amount of interest in the product, the amount of time involved in bettering the resource and feedback received from the users.

Notes IconThis software is not designed to be used for ministry ‘Return Visits’.