The reports that you create can be exported into Microsoft Word format.

Note IconYou must have Microsoft Word as supplied with Microsoft Office 2000 or higher installed on your computer.

The standard reports can also be exported as text and HTML formats. But Away Talk Slips and Custom Reports can only be exported as Microsoft Word.

The beauty of exporting to Microsoft Word means you can alter the report afterwards. The uses are endless!

There are a few things you should be aware of concerning the exporting of documents to MS Word:


Automation can be a slow process. Modest reports should export at a respectable speed, but please be patient if you are exporting a large document. The performance of the automation procedure cannot be changed.

Page Sizes

The document will be set up based upon the program’s current page settings. A4 and LETTER in portrait or landscape are supported. Otherwise A4 portrait is assumed. So remember to set up your required page setting before exporting the document to Microsoft Word.


The document will be set up with margins set to 1cm on all sides. However these values may be increased depending on your printer limitations.

Header and Footer

You can include a header and / or footer in the document. If you opted not to apply your chosen font to the header and footer, then they will default to Times New Roman 10pt.


All standard reports get exported into Microsoft Word tables. Tables are very powerful and you have much flexibility in modifying the contents of the table. If you are not familiar with tables, it is strongly recommended that you read the help in Microsoft Word concerning them to at least familiarise yourself with them.

Away Talk Slips

The program page setup must be set to A4 or LETTER size and landscape orientation. You will not be able to export the away talk slips when your page setting does not meet this requirement. Please choose sensible font sizes for this report to ensure the document is formatted correctly. Recommend refraining from using font sizes over 14pt.

Custom Reports

Relative tab stops converted to spaces, 4 spaces per tab stop.

Absolute tab stop indexes must be incremental from left to right.

Separators always export to 100% width and will generate an extra blank line (unavoidable).

Copy to Clipboard

Clipboard - CopyCreated reports can be exported with full formatting as designed within the script editor.

However, should you want to quickly copy the content of a created report without going through the full export method, select Copy from the Home ribbon panel menu to send the information to your clipboard.

You can then paste it into any appropriate application. Please note that this will not include formatting.