The View menu provides essential customization options for enhancing your writing or coding experience.

Let's explore the features available:

Toggle Current Fold / Toggle All Folds

These options allow you to expand or collapse sections of your code or text. Useful for navigating large files.

Full Screen

Enter or exit full-screen mode for a distraction-free environment. Press F11 to toggle.

Word Wrap

Enable to automatically wrap lines within the window width, preventing horizontal scrolling.


Flyout menu:

Zoom menu

Zoom In (Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Up):

  • Use this option to magnify the content of your current document, making text appear larger and more readable.
  • Shortcut: Hold down the Ctrl key and scroll up with your mouse wheel, or press Ctrl+Plus on your keyboard.

Zoom Out (Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Down):

  • This option reduces the size of the content on your screen, allowing you to see more of your document at once.
  • Shortcut: Hold down the Ctrl key and scroll down with your mouse wheel, or press Ctrl+Minus on your keyboard.

Restore Default Zoom:

  • If you’ve zoomed in or out and want to return to the default view size, select this option.
  • Shortcut: Press Ctrl+0 on your keyboard.


Toggle the visibility of spaces and tabs used in the text for a cleaner look or detailed editing.

End of Line

Show or hide symbols that represent the end of each line, useful for understanding line breaks and paragraph structures.

Indentation Guides

Turn on visual guides that help identify nested code blocks or paragraphs easily.

Line Numbers

Display numbers beside each line for easy reference, especially helpful during collaborative editing or coding.

Fold Margin

Activate this to allow code folding, which helps in hiding/collapsing sections of your text or code to focus on specific parts.