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This program has been developed to assist public talk coordinators in preparing schedules for the notice board at their Kingdom Halls. Several other types of report can also be generated which makes it a versatile program. These reports can be saved and reloaded at anytime. If used correctly, you will also find it easy to determine which public talks you would like to hear next. It is not suggested that you only use this program and nothing else. It would be best to fit it in with your existing system that you have. There is nothing worse than asking to hear a talk and waiting on the phone for the pc to be booted up!

This program uses a Microsoft Access database to store the information and it supports both the MDB and ACCDB versions. If you are using an older computer, or one that does not have Microsoft Office Professional installed, then I recommend you have a look through the Support Files topic before installing Public Talks.  This is to avoid any problems during the installing and running of Public Talks. In addition, if you intend on using the newer ACCDB format then you must look through the support files section.

During the installation, you are asked which language you would like to use for the database. The database will already have the talk titles and categories in the selected language. These languages are supported:

Afrikaans Albanian Arabic Bulgarian
Cambodian Chinese (Simplified) Danish Dutch
English FinnishFrench German
Greek ItalianPolish Portuguese-Brazil
Romanian Russian Samoan Spanish
Swahili SwedishTagalog Turkish
Twi Ukrainian   

Thank you very much to brothers and sisters who have been willing to do these translations.   Please let me know if you would like to consider translating it into another language.


Several users have requested the ability to enter the addresses of the speakers and coordinators, including phone numbers. I am reluctant to implement this due to my understanding of the legislation in the UK. I have provided 5 generic memo fields and their labels can be customized as required. I trust that this facility will be used as appropriate. For further information about data protection, click on this link:

Also note that my source code of the program is not available for anyone. I am willing to consider updates if they are appropriate to put in. But please don't ask for my source code in order that you, or someone can add names and address functionality. You must remember that I have created this program for my personal use and as such, must ensure the data protection act is not abused.  As soon as my source code is given to someone else, careful measures I take to keep the content legal are potentially lost.