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Meeting Schedule Assistant 2018

Current Version: 18.1.5

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Meeting Schedule Assistant Dialogue

Meeting Schedule Assistant is designed to help you create a simple report for the various assignments at the Kingdom Hall. You can specify which brothers to use for:


  • Sound Console
  • Platform / Stage
  • Platform Microphone
  • Microphone Handlers
  • Attendants

You can add your own types of assignments into the program making the schedules fully customizable. For example, you might like to add a column listing those on duty for Hall Cleaning, or someone responsible for Locking of the Kingdom Hall after meetings, or who is to care for Kingdom Hall car park security etc.. One of the key features in Meeting Schedule Assistant is that you can populate your schedules automatically.

It does not stop there! Meeting Schedule Assistant also includes a comprehensive Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting Schedule editor.

All meeting assignments can be effortlessly catered for and included on the schedule.

Please note, Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting schedules can NOT be automatically populated with names.

Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting Editor

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Do you use a Google Calendar or Calendar? Then consider using the Calendar synchronization facilities within Meeting Schedule Assistant. Many mobile device users have instant access to the internet and their Google / Outlook Calendar. There are requirements you should be aware of concerning this feature.
  Google Calendar - Service Meeting Overview


Google Calendar - entry details
Google - Example of Midweek calendar event
Outlook- Weekend

Outlook - Example of Weekend calendar event

There are other features to Meeting Schedule Assistant that make it a useful program to use, like personalized schedules for each person amongst other things. The help file included with the program provides full details about these features. The program can also be run directly from inside the Public Talks program (from the Tools menu) if you also have that installed.

Thank you very much to brothers and sisters who have been willing to do these translations. Please let me know if you would like to consider translating it into another language.