Edit Entry WindowThis window allows you to add or modify entry information in the database.

Note IconThe screenshot above might not reflect the one you are viewing.

The first edit prompt changes according to what information is being added or modified.

The second prompt is only visible if you are adding a new Public Talk Category to the database.

First Prompt

The first prompt attempts to be intelligent as you type in text. If you are entering a number, then only numbers will be accepted. Otherwise, if you are entering text, under certain circumstances, characters will be forced to uppercase. This is done so that consistency can be maintained as you enter new information. This is when letters will be forced to uppercase:

  • The first character in the string.
  • After a hyphen ( - )
  • After a forward slash ( / )
  • After an apostrophe ( ' )
  • After a space character
  • After "Mc" (for traditional Scottish names)

Note Icon"Mac" (which usually doesn't take uppercase after it) will not force uppercase, unlike "Mc".

Second Prompt

This prompt is only visible when you are adding a new Public Talk Category. All text is forced to UPPERCASE and you are limited to 2 characters.